Automatic Delivery

OilDelivery-500x333Hummelstown Fuel Oil has two different delivery methods – Will Call and Automatic Delivery.

For many of us that are overloaded with responsibilities, automatic delivery gives you one less item to take care of. Sign-up once for your heating oil deliveries and we take care of ensuring you never run out of fuel. Whereas with Will Call, you are reliant to keep an eye on your tank and ensure it doesn’t run out.

How does Automatic Delivery work?
We use computer software that factors in:

  1. Reasons you use heating oil
  2. The size of your tank and the size of your home
  3. Heating degree days, which is a fancy calculation to determine how much heat you require to be comfortable at your home or office and how fast you are using your oil

Our software is constantly staying up to date to ensure that if the weather gets colder we are there to keep you filled up and warm, or if the weather isn’t as cold we don’t fill you too many times during the year. With each delivery, the software gets more information to further improve its ability and keeps getting more accurate and increases our delivery efficiency.

Automatic delivery is a real convenience for customers and in this day and age, and we can all use more convenience! Sign-up today!

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