Budget & Cap Pricing Programs

Budget Plan

Along with our normal billing of net 30 days, we also offer budget plans to customers who would rather have a consistent bill throughout the year. Our budget plans are set up on a twelve (12) month billing cycle and provide a more predictable cost.

How do Budget Plans Work?

Our budget plans are set up on a twelve (12) month billing cycle.

  1. We calculate your budget amount by taking your total gallons purchased the previous year and dividing that dollar amount by 12, depending on the plan you prefer.
  2. The end figure is your budget amount for the current year.
  3. Midway through the year we will re-evaluate your current budget and make any necessary adjustments based on your current balance.

Capped Budget Program

This program helps take the volatility out of the market by establishing a ceiling budget payment for your heating oil next year. That means your monthly heating oil bill will never go higher than your set budget payment.

The program has a monthly fee and will be figured into your budget payment over a 12-month period. For a nominal protection fee, you get the best of both worlds and no surprises – a capped price and easy, consistent monthly payments.

Discount Offer

If you want to do the Cap Program without the budget, you can take advantage of a 2% discount on your oil bill if you pay within 10 days.

*You can do the Cap Program without doing the Budget Program. 

Please contact us to learn more about the Budget Plan or Capped Budget Program!