Programmable Thermostats – Honeywell Lyric T6

With unpredictable schedules and a busy life, a programmable thermostat can easily fit into your lifestyle. Switching your current thermostat to a new Honeywell Lyric T6 programmable thermostat can make your life easier.

This system provides you ease in programming the most comfortable temperature for your home, no matter the season it is at the touch of fingers at home or on the go.

Benefits of a Honeywell Lyric T6:

  • Location Based Temperature Control (Geofencing): Control via smartphone or tablet, anywhere. The Lyric app takes care of everything at home using your smartphone location to determine when you’re home or away. It saves energy while you’re away, and ensure the temperature is just right when you return.
  • The Lyric T6 is programmable, adjustable, and adaptable. You can choose either 7-day scheduling or change things remotely if your plans change.
  • This thermostat works with Apple HomeKit to take care of your home comforts¬†and keep your home connected.
  • Easy to use, the Lyric app walks you through the entire setup process, including everything from removing your old thermostat to connecting your new Lyric to your home Wi-Fi.

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You may find that you are able to buy one of these thermostats at Home Depot or Lowe’s extremely cost-effectively, however compared to the one that we can provide and install for you there are a number of features that you’ll be missing that we are able to offer as a contractor of these devices. We’d be glad for the opportunity quote these for you, they are a great product!

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